How to protect yourself from emotional harm


1. Know What Breeds Emotional Damage

Knowing the cause of a thing succinctly explains its solution, before you can steer clear away from issues or problems, know the cause of the issue. You will be a victim of circumstance if you are ignorant of the circumstance. No wonder issues catch up with people in the name of ignorance, though your state of ignorance will not vindicate you from suffering its consequences.

It is shocking to see you say one thing but do another thing. You say you want to run away from emotional damage as far as you can whereas your actions are tilting you to its direction. Let your behaviour discourage emotional damage if you really mean what you say. Don’t think too highly of a person, after all, the person you least expected is more than capable to serve you disappointment. Do I say you should not trust or relate with people? No. Trust and keep relationship with people, but only in a way that you won’t have to suffer if the unfortunate happens. This encourages you to see it coming before it happens.

2. Know Yourself

Man, know thyself! Know what you are capable of doing, know what hurts you most and gently ply your way, know how you get rid of negative energies – how you relieve yourself from emotional stress. Stranger (people) will make you suffer greatly if you are a stranger to yourself. Know what helps you to keep your emotions in check, know yourself enough to smell emotional damage few metres away from you.

3. Keep Good Company

Don’t expect to be a friend to charcoal seller and you won’t find black stain on your cloth. You [only] are responsible for people in your life, there is no how they will come in without your approval. Know people enough and try them out before you open all doors of your heart to them.

To keep them at arm’s length, open one side of door and shut the other, at least to keep you safe from hurting too much if hurts eventually happen. Choose your company wisely.

4. Don’t Ignore the Warning Signal

You see, the reason why most  people find it hard to forgive themselves after the turn of unfortunate events is because they saw it coming, but they play blind to it … it is because they know they could avoid the situation yet they don’t avoid it. They receive and see the signal warning but they still got carried away.

Just don’t be overconfident of yourself, there is a reason why we have accelerator and brake side by side. Many people only know how to step on accelerator, and take their minds off brake pad totally.  Know when to accelerate (walk or run), and more importantly know when to step on brake. Don’t be carried away in the moments, attend to every warning signals stirring in you. If not always, things don’t happen to us without us knowing about it.

5. Stay Close to your ‘Heaven’

This heaven is what gives you peace and joy. What are the things you do that help you to chase away your sorrows? Is it book, music or a place? Keep them close to you, you would need them always to keep your sanity and to remind you of who you are and what you are running after (healthy emotional life).

Pay enough attention, there are habits and hobbies that help you to laugh away your blues and always be in touch with them. Don’t put them in care of someone else.


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