Isn’t It Ironic, That of All People, Now Johnny Rotten Is Telling Harry and Meghan To Shut Up?


Isn’t It Ironic, That of All People, Now Johnny Rotten Is Telling Harry and Meghan To Shut Up?

Johnny Rotten, the frontman of
the famous English punk rock band the Sex Pistols, slammed Prince Harry and
his wife Meghan Markle during a recent interview with Piers
Morgan, in which he suggested the royal couple are “parasites.”

In a sensational development
marking just the latest person to call out the drama-ridden duo, the 66-year-old
– whose real name is John Lydon – did not hesitate to criticize Harry
and Meghan and the never-ending spectacle they created after giving up their
duties as members of the royal family.

“I’m sorry, but I think
that they’ve shown themselves to be parasites,” Rotten responded after
Morgan, one of Harry and Meghan’s most outspoken critics, asked the musician
his opinion regarding their choice to leave the royal family behind.

“If you want to opt-out
of that family situation then please by all means do and go and work at
McDonald’s,” he continued. “But don’t expect me to be still forking
money out to support your nonsense. They seem to be amazingly ungrateful—or at
least he is.”

“If you don’t want to be
a public figure, then shut your mouth.”

Not surprisingly, Rotten’s
brutal comments while speaking to Morgan about Harry and Meghan is hardly the
first time the punk rock icon has criticized the royal family and the British

In 1977, when the Sex Pistols
were at the peak of their popularity, the band released their hit song God
Save the Queen, which not only trashed the British monarchy but also
seemingly slammed Queen Elizabeth herself.

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