Russian Soldiers Are ‘Plotting Fake Marriages’ To Escape Ukraine War


Russian Soldiers Are 'Plotting Fake Marriages' To Escape Ukraine War

Demoralized Russian troops in
Ukraine are plotting ways to get out of the country including trying to arrange
‘fake marriages’, Ukraine’s intelligence agency has revealed.

Analysts say that the Russian
military is overstretched, with low morale and could soon run out of
combat-ready units as the war in Ukraine enters its 105th day.

A wiretapped recording of a
conversation between a Russian soldier and his friend revealed officers ‘had no
options at all’ and many had already made unsuccessful attempts to be

The man said: ‘I already
f****** told one of my female friends, “go submit an application to the
marriage registration office. I’ll f****** tell them about it here”. ‘She said,
“no f****** way, that’s not an option”. ‘Everyone here is trying any possible
way [to get out] … but there’s no way.’

The audio footage was released
by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), The Telegraph reports.

Increasing numbers of Russian
soldiers are looking for excuses to return home as commanders tighten
restrictions on leave, said a spokesman from the SBU.


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