Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Play "VICTIM" Again After Being Booed During Their Recent Visit To The UK?

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Play "VICTIM" Again After Being Booed During Their Recent Visit To The UK?

The royal expert joined GB News host Patrick Christy to discuss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's return to the UK and their involvement in the Jubilee celebrations. Whilst leaving St Paul's Cathedral on Friday morning after the Service of Thanksgiving, the pair were booed by onlookers celebrating. Touching on the reaction, Dr. Cassidy defended the couple and praised the Queen's decision to have them involved.

Commenting on the boos, Patrick said: "Yeah, I would have booed Harry and Meghan, would you?"

Dr. Cassidy explained: "I think we have to take this into context, Patrick, they made these choices to go off and make money, and so we have to allow them that opportunity.

"And many people like the Queen will definitely have regretted this move, the Queen is full-on revealing who she is, her authentic self.


"But also let's remember, Meghan and Harry, when they chose to opt-out, they are also making very clear revelations about their authenticity.

"So we can see how liberal they have become to maximize on their titles and to do their own thing, and we cannot deny anyone the chance to do their own thing," he defended.

Dr. Cassidy continued: "But it doesn't look as though it is working out and what we are seeing here now is the Queen revealing her core personality traits.

"She is showing us her graciousness, that is why we are singing God save our gracious queen, long may she reign.

"Her graciousness comes from her deep-rooted Christian faith, that is why we are now seeing a case of the prodigal son.

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"She is reaching out to build bridges, we saw this yesterday with her reaching out to Lilibet to say come in, you are welcome."

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