8 Signs of Toxic and Narcissistic Friend


Friendship is a precious gift for humanity. Meanwhile, there are friendships and there are friendships. Some are toxic, it is not meant to be toxic, but when a friend is toxic, and then the relationship (friendship) becomes toxic.

There are friends that sticks closer than one’s brother or sister, a true friend that has proven their worth over time and situations. And there are also friends sitting on the fence; these ones are not really into you and they are really not for you, though they appear like one. A friend like a sup planter!

They are only close to you to monitor your progress and other things you are doing, that they may measure it with their own progress. They ask for your next move that they may know how to make their next move. Among your friends, there will be one or two. These ones are the toxic and narcissistic friends, if you pay attention enough, you will search them out. You should search them out that you may know ‘who is who’, and to guide yourself against hurts and regrets you would experience from their toxic behaviours.

Below are what a toxic and narcissistic friend will do:

1. They Keep Their Plans Away From You

They enjoy doing things without your knowledge. You won’t get to know what is going on with them, not until they actualize those plans. Then you will get to hear from them: “I thought I told you” … “You didn’t ask me about it” … “I didn’t see it coming, so I responded to it immediately.” These and related words are what they will tell you when you feel disappointed about them keeping you in darkness.

Meanwhile, they will always be on your neck to find out what your plans are. They are masters and mistresses in coming into your ‘known’ while they keep you into their ‘unknown’.

2. They Are Jealous

Jealousy is a rage, it does not spare friendship; it breeds many toxic things. They want what you want, they ALWAYS want to have what you have, they want you to introduce them to the people you know. It is an unhealthy habit that is very poisonous.

Look at it, how oft do they come after what you own/know? Always? Then you’ve got a narcissistic friend to yourself. Most people would even dare to have your type of man and woman, if you are a friend to such individual, you should know that there is fire on the mountain.

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