A Few Lines from Harry and Meghan’s NAACP Speech… Lost in Translation…


A Few Lines from Harry and Meghan’s NAACP Speech… Lost in Translation…

Their speech was a sight to
see, and people have been talking nonstop about it. Markle started the speech
by saying, “It’s inspiring to think about the legacy of the Image Awards, which
began shortly after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of
1965 were passed into law. Today, we can continue that legacy by
re-establishing federal voting protections in our country and fulfilling the
work of civil rights giants, like the late John Lewis.”

Harry added, “We are so deeply
humbled to be here in the company of so many illustrious awardees. Before I
begin, we would like to acknowledge the people of Ukraine, who urgently
need our continued support as a global community. I also echo the immense
gratitude for tonight, both for this award and this community for welcoming me
so warmly. I think it’s safe to say that I come from a very different
background from my incredible wife, yet our lives were brought together for a
reason. We share a commitment to a life of service, a responsibility to combat
injustice, and a belief that the most often overlooked are the most important
to listen to.”

Markle then said, “And I
couldn’t be prouder that we’re doing this work together. We moved to
California, my home state, shortly before the murder of George Floyd. For
Black America, those nine minutes and 29 seconds transcended time, invoking
centuries of our unhealed wounds. In the months that followed, as my husband
and I spoke with the civil rights community, we committed ourselves and our
organization, Archewell, to illuminating those who are advancing racial justice
and progress.”

Markle said, “This is the era
of the digital justice movement. We are proud to partner with [the] NAACP and
each of you to translate the vital efforts of those who came before us to the
modern challenges that exist ahead of us. Thank you so much for joining us in
this work, and thank you again for this incredible honor. Truly.”

She ended the speech by saying,
“My mom’s here with us tonight, and we all feel very proud. Thank you.”


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