Why Does the Media Keep Calling Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton”?


Why Does the Media Keep Calling Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge "Kate Middleton"?

Catherine, Duchess of
Cambridge, received her royal title when she married Prince William back in

But ten years on, the media
and people regularly still refer to her as Kate.

So why are news reports still
using the Duchess’ nickname and maiden name instead of, or in combination with
her official title?

vKate Middleton Is What People Grew Up With

Since Kate and William’s
relationship became known in 2003, Kate Middleton attracted an enormous amount
of interest by media outlets and the public. With the couple’s engagement in
2010, more stories were published – cementing the name in the public consciousness.

In fact, her name serves as a
reminder of why she was popular with many in the first place. Kate was a
commoner who one day met Prince Charming, captured his heart, and eventually,
married him.

Her middle-class roots and her
fairytale-like story resonated with an adoring and curious public. Her
unofficial name continues to remind people of this fact, and can actually work
in her favour.

vKate Middleton Has Many Titles

Those not well-versed in the
royals could get confused by Kate’s official title – and what is more, it is
not her only title.

When in Scotland, Kate is
known as the Countess of Strathearn and while in Northern Ireland, she is known
as Lady Carrickfergus.

Meanwhile, Kate’s occupation
on her children’s birth certificates is listed as “Princess of the United
Kingdom.” She can even be called Princess William of Wales, taking on her
husband’s title.

Catherine Elizabeth (Kate)
Middleton became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, when the Queen gave William
with a dukedom upon the couple’s wedding.


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