American Actress, Mena Suvari, Claims Abusive Ex ‘Manipulated’ Her Into Having Threesomes as Teen


American Actress, Mena Suvari, Claims Abusive Ex ‘Manipulated’ Her Into Having Threesomes as Teen

American actress Mena
Suvari has opened up about experiencing an abusive relationship and being
manipulated by her ex-boyfriend.

In an interview with The
Guardian, Mena said she was just 17 years old when she met the lighting
engineer, who would verbally and sexually abuse her.

According to the 43-year-old
actress, her ex, whom she refused to identify by name, would ask her to pick up
women to have threesomes with, including ones she had met on set.

The American beauty star
claimed she was never loved but was just a body that was being used for a

She added that it is a very
messed up situation to experience sexual abuse and the aspect of a threesome in
the relationship was absolutely a nightmare.

She said: “I was not
being loved. I was just a body, a receptacle for his desires. I want you to
know that I never wanted to do any of those things.

“It was a huge eye-opener for
me, how I was being manipulated and I had no idea. The circumstances had been
created for me, and I was just swallowed up by them.

“I’ve never wanted to speak
negatively about things that can be very healthy for other people. I was not
given the choice or the permission to do it, and that’s what was so destructive
for me.

“It’s a very messed up thing
when you experience sexual abuse, because part of it is … like, satisfying. But
then the other part is an absolute nightmare, so you’re confused, you don’t
know what’s right.”


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