MCCAIN: Meghan Markle Should Pursue Her Delusional Run For President


MCCAIN: Meghan Markle Should Pursue Her Delusional Run For President

Meghan Markle suffers serious delusions if she truly believes she will ever become
President of the United States of America.

There, I said it.

Now can we please stop
entertaining this abject stupidity?

The first inklings of this
ridiculous idea surfaced in 2020 when ‘a close friend of the royal’ told Vanity
Fair that ‘The Duchess’ refused to give up her American citizenship because she had designs on the White House.

Last year, she fueled the fantasy
again with reports that she was networking with senior Democrats.

After the tragedy in Uvalde,
Texas, she arrived out of the blue for a tasteless photo-op at a memorial for
the victims.

And this week she set the
rumor mill spinning again when she sat down with feminist icon Gloria Steinem
for an interview with Vogue Magazine — arguably the least
influential political magazine in the country — to talk about the Supreme
Court decision overturning Roe V. Wade.

Meghan recounted Prince
Harry’s ‘guttural’ reaction to the ruling, because ‘my husband is a feminist.’

She went on to say that she
and Gloria will be ‘taking a trip to DC together soon.’

Yes — I’m sure you will.

I didn’t always feel this way
about Meghan.

I, like millions of other
Americans, first heard her name when she got engaged to Prince Harry.

Everything about their
relationship seemed hopeful and positive. Their union appeared to symbolize
progress and modernity.

Meghan is older than Harry,
divorced and biracial. She appeared to be independent and vocal about the world
in a way that we had not seen among other modern royals.

It was exciting for Americans
to finally share in the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding. (Unless you
count Jay-Z and Beyoncé.)

But four years later, my
opinion of both has shifted.

I didn’t understand their need
to air all the royal dirty laundry to Oprah like a confessional in an episode
of The Kardashians.

But I still felt inclined to
publicly support Meghan because the allegations of racism in the Royal Family
were so disturbing.

Then Prince Harry started
trashing his new adoptive country, as Meghan cheered him on.

He called the First Amendment
‘bonkers’ and it went on from there with increasingly woke and judgmental rhetoric
about conservative values and anything that wasn’t straight out of the Obama
ideological playbook.

In fact, Harry and Meghan
don’t really do much of anything anymore except sign podcast deals that fail
to produce podcasts and bitch about everything that is wrong with America.

This brings us back to
Meghan’s alleged presidential ambitions.

First, it is a privilege to
run for President of the United States and these are desperate times in our

We need more than an ex-C list
actress-turned-royal with no civic or political experience to speak of.

Marrying a prince doesn’t make
you a leader. It makes you a celebrity and I thought Democrats were sick and
tired of celebrity presidents.

To be president you have to
put yourself in the shoes of good and decent American voters. The same people
that they seem to constantly disparage.

Meghan and Harry epitomize the
out of touch, hypocritical liberal who lectures us about environmentalism while
flying around on gas-guzzling private jets.

Second – and most obviously –
she doesn’t have what it takes.

You want to be president and
make it to Emerald City? You got to make your way through Oz first and
there’s nothing glamorous about that.

You will be spending all your
time on the move — on buses or commercial planes.

Forget about your private jet
or even first-class. That’ll be seen for what it is – elitist.

You’ll be stopping at
roadside cafes, VFW halls and the homes of ordinary citizens, who are nice
enough to support your campaign.

You’ll talk to voters at
firehouses, local town meetings, pancake breakfasts, and everything
in between.

You will be eating whatever is
available, which more often than not are donuts and fast-food breakfasts.

That’s right — no keto,
organic or artisanal anything.


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