Meghan ‘Used Rwanda Trip as a Backdrop for Shoot’, Biography Claims


Meghan Markle brought a ‘suitcases of clothes’ and ‘insisted’ she could bring a Canadian photographer with her to Rwanda, an explosive biography has claimed.

Writing in his new book Revenge, Tom Bower detailed how the Duchess of Sussex, 40, was invited on the trip in January 2016 by World Vision Canada to be part of a film to promote the charity’s work building water wells in the African country.

However, Bower claims Meghan flew to Rwanda first class, was accompanied by fashion photographer Gabor Jurina and had her own hair and makeup artist.

Brenda Surminski, a producer who had been due to film the trip, could no longer travel to Rwanda and a Canadian camera man joined the group instead.

However, Bower, who admits to speaking to people who were not close to Meghan for his book, claims that after filming with the children playing with a water tap, Meghan ‘disappeared’ with Jurina to take photographs with some of the youngsters.

He penned: ‘At the end, Surminski was puzzled. Celebrities using a desolate African village as the backdrop for a fashion shoot was ‘mind-blowing.’ 

The Duchess of Sussex hasn’t commented on the claims in the book. 

According to Bower, the connection between the Duchess and the charity came through advertising agency KBS, after Matt Hassell, the creative director in Toronto, suggested she would be ‘ideal’ to promote WVC.

He wrote that Surminski only spoke to Meghan for ’30 minutes’ before the actress agreed to promote the project building water wells in destitute villages. 


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