Tom Bower Calls Meghan Spiteful, Saying She Has No Status Outside Royal


Tom Bower Calls Meghan Spiteful, Saying She Has No Status Outside Royal

Royal expert Tom Bower has
described Meghan Markle as “spiteful” and added that she
was trying to “commercialize the Royal Family” without thinking
of the Queen.

On Meghan and Prince
Harry’s recent statement, Mr. Bower, Prince Charles’ biographer, said it
read as a “threat”.

He added that Meghan, 38, had
“no status outside the Royal Family”, reports Mail Online.

In a Good Morning Britain
debate about the use of the Sussex Royal branding Mr. Bower, 73, said:
“That statement was spiteful fury by Meghan. Meghan gets what Meghan

It came after the Duke and
Duchess of Sussex announced they will stop using their Sussex Royal brand when
they step down as senior royals on March 31.

The couple then posted the
statement on their personal website and claimed the Queen had no
“jurisdiction” over the word “Royal” overseas and said the
monarch and the Government wouldn’t be able to stop them had they continued to
use the word while abroad.

Mr. Bower said: “The
statement was really spiteful fury from Meghan, What Meghan wants Meghan gets.

“It was rude to the
Queen. What is spiteful is, that she married into the royal family not that long ago
and she bailed out. But she wants to bail out on her terms.

“What is most important
for this country is to protect the reputation of the Royal Family.”

Also involved in the debate
with Mr. Bower was journalist Afua Adom who presented the fact that the Duchess
was a “successful actress in her own right”.

Mr. Bower said: “She has
a whole life, a whole career of commercial exploitation of herself. She has
absolutely no status apart from being attached to the Royal Family.”

He insisted: “If she
wasn’t married into the Royal Family she couldn’t have set up a charity, she
couldn’t start marketing Meghan’s footwear and all the rest of it.”

Ms. Adom said: “Before
Meghan Markle married Harry she was a successful actress in her own right.

“She was known for doing
a heck of a lot of charity work. It’s completely disingenuous to say without
harry she would have no status.

“And it’s spiteful for
you to say that they’re going to continue to use it.”

Mr. Bower said they had agreed
“reluctantly” not to use Sussex Royal.

He was then asked why the
media coverage of the couple had been negative at times, and he said: “Because
of the hypocrisy. In the beginning, she threw herself into it. She started
campaigning for the environment and then she took all these private jets.

“When she didn’t tell the
truth about Archie’s birth when she tried to deliberately confuse people about
the time of the birth.”

But Ms. Adom retorted:
“When it comes to Harry and Meghan there seems to be no ability to see
that it’s right for them.

“It’s not all about
Meghan, it’s about Meghan and Harry and Archie and what’s best for them.”

But Mr. Bower said “it’s
not about what’s best for them” but what’s best for the Queen instead.

He added: “If they do
anything to damage the 93-year-old sovereign of this wonderful country, they
have got to start questioning themselves.

“It’s a selfish,
victim-like approach to the world.”

Harry and Meghan announced on
Friday evening that they will stop using their Sussex Royal brand when they
step down as senior royals on March 31.

After a statement via
Buckingham Palace confirming the move, the couple then posted a lengthy
“update” on their personal website.


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