Why Does Tove Lo Always Flash Her Audience When Singing Live?


Tove Lo certainly understands how to keep a
crowd’s attention, and she pulled out the old trick at Coachella some time
back, exposing herself onstage. The Swedish artist flashes her breasts to the
crowd as a source of entertainment.

Tove Lo is an Attention Pro, just like that
other singer who peed on a fan, but a bit more amusing. The Pro doesn’t stand
for Professional here, although it could be used for that as well. The Pro
stands for the Oldest Profession in the world. An Attention Pro is just what it
says: someone who sells themselves (mainly their body) for attention, i.e.

Most Attention Pros wouldn’t get any
attention based on their actual merits. No real talent that would explain their
fame. Because she’s a beautiful and confident young woman who isn’t afraid to
push boundaries. She started doing it for fun and when she saw how much
confidence this simple action gave her fans she decided to make it her
trademark and now fans in the audience even do it along with her.

Because she knows exactly how to get an
audience interested in coming to her shows, and it has become a tradition of
hers. If you go to one of her shows you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on
your face, because you either like the music, her body, or both. It’s a win-win
scenario with her.

If she suddenly stopped doing it, people
would be upset about it and maybe she would even face backlash for not showing
her boobs? It’s a weird world we live in; so it’s a possibility.

In the meantime, she’ll be around flashing,
singing, and dancing in concerts around the world, letting thousands of people
witness her glory.

And, despite the fact that she is now brave
on stage, she wasn’t always like this. In an interview with NME, she said:
“I haven’t talked about it a lot, but in my early teens, when my body
started to develop I hated everything about it. I was very uncomfortable.”


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