Why is Zendaya More Liked Than Bella Thorne?


Why is Zendaya More Liked Than Bella Thorne?

Because they chose very different career
paths and personally changed over the years.

Zendaya is now a Primetime Emmy Award winner,
and she became a successful actress and producer, who is respected and
well-liked in Hollywood and by her fans, having had no controversies.

Bella Thorne still acts occasionally, but her
main focus nowadays is her Only Fans page and something like that will always
get you some hate and side looks.

I actually respect Bella Thorne after her
nudes were stolen from her, years before she decided to turn to Only Fans. A
hacker got a hold of her pictures and taunted her saying he would release them
to the public. So what did she do? She released the pictures herself so he
couldn’t have the satisfaction, like a boss.

Zendaya is currently Hollywood’s sweetheart,
while Bella is the “bad girl”, but they’re both successful in their own ways
and both seem happy where they stand, has changed a lot since they last were
on screen together.

Why is Zendaya More Liked Than Bella Thorne?

Bella Thorne is opening up about what it was
like to be “pitted against” Zendaya when the pair worked on Disney Channel’s
Shake It Up together in the early 2010s — and how that treatment affected the
friendship she and Zendaya were trying to form.

In a new interview with US Weekly, the star
admitted that the two former Shake It Up stars weren’t initially friends when
the series began filming in 2010, and one meeting eventually changed all that.

Pointing to past interviews on the subject,
Bella told US Weekly, “It took us those other two seasons of becoming so
close. [It was hard] not having someone pitted against you [before] and then
all of a sudden, now everyone is pitting you against each other. That fed into
our heads. It made us not [be] friends in that first season.”

The dynamics
of their relationship only changed when the two starred together in an episode
of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Bella shared that the pair had a “beautiful
talk,” saying, “We were really able to put our cards out on the table and
understand each other.”


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