Widow Who Joined Russian Unit Fighting With Ukraine Vows Revenge


Widow Who Joined Russian Unit Fighting With Ukraine Vows Revenge

A widow whose Russian
soldier husband was slaughtered by his own Chechen comrades has joined a battalion
of her countrymen defecting to fight for Ukraine.

The anonymous wife has
remained anonymous but appeared disguised in a clip shared by the Freedom
for Russia legion.

The group is made up of troops
who switched sides to Ukraine after becoming furious fighting for the tyrants
running Russia and Belarus.

In the video, the woman sits
behind the blue and white flag which has become symbolic of the defector squad
and says: “We all need to stop the war together and bring true freedom to
Russia. The Putin regime must be overthrown.

“Stop tolerating the
tyrant. Join our legion.”

The number of troops in the
rag-tag unit is unknown but hundreds of Russians have crossed the border into
Ukraine since the beginning of March when the unit was set up.

The widow said she joined in
May when soldiers of Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov executed her husband for
refusing a direct order by not sending his men to the
“slaughter”, The Times reports.

She was the first woman to
join the unit and was given the callsign “First”.

Another famous face counts
himself among the legion’s ranks.

Igor Volobuev, 50, a top boss
at Russia’s third-largest bank Gazprombank, was horrified when Putin ordered
the invasion of sovereign territory and defected to Freedom for Russia.

In a call to arms, he said:
“Guys from Russia – if you hate Putin’s regime and want Russia to become a
free, democratic country, join us.

“I came here to defend my

Many of the troops are former
Russian prisoners of war who decided to switch sides when they were met with
kindness from their Ukrainian captors on arrest.


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