5 Markers Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist


When we talk about decency, we are talking about having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards; showing integrity, fairness, or other characteristics associated with moral uprightness. There are men; amongst men are ‘the decent’ and ‘the narcissist’.

In the name of relationship (social or romantic), people are being careful of who they let into their lives – would this person handle (relate) with me roughly or with care; can I trust him enough with my health and emotion; won’t I regret the decision of opening my heart to him? These and many more are likely concerns people thought about in the name of making acquaintance in whatsoever capacity.

Going forward, there are some people you would love to give a benefit of doubt. Though it is at your risk, but you do not want to rule out a good choice that you might probably be proud of as things unfold. It is not just okay to look out for yourself, it is important to do so because your (mental and physical) health, influence, emotion are few things you would put on the line.

People that ended up hanging out with narcissists never intended doing so, they just find themselves in relationship with them; they never knew they are narcissists.

Below Are Pointers That Reveal A Decent Man:

1. He Talks Politely

A decent man is a man with courtesy, his tone of communication speaks volume and is one of the markers that birth a difference between him and a narcissist. He is short of vague and uninspiring words. He is respectful in his words and would not cause emotional pain to others. He talks to correct and not to condemn as narcissists would do.

A decent man would always give people a benefit of doubt and would not judge or criticize blindly, if they have to. His words are comforting and not hurting.

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