Signs You Have A Negative Spirit Or Entity Attached To You And Ways To Get Rid Of It


There are people with negative vibe in them, it so obvious that negative spirit keeps their company and it (the negative spirit) is stopping them in doing many things they had wanted to do. It is normal if the way is not always smooth; expressway will always have bump. Sometimes, we can’t help our plans from being thwarted under the influence of natural force.   

Below Are Signs That A Negative Spirit Is Attached To You:

1. Bad Luck

What has been working for others stop working when it is your turn – you don’t know how and why it happens but it always happen. Luck is not always on your side, and you always find the ride tough where others are catching fun with their rides. Misfortune always happen when you are almost arriving your success; a setback (an undesirable event) will affect your chances.

It could be by your mistake or the mistake of others. Though most times you suffer bad luck is not your doing; it mostly occurs as an unexpected event with negative consequences (for you) occurring without your intention, even though you are the one that will suffer the consequences.

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