Does Prince Philip Have False Teeth?


Does Prince Philip Have False Teeth?

The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, used to chase the Monarch, 94, and their young children up and down the royal corridors donning false teeth just to make them laugh.

Courtiers described the act as one that would have the Queen “screaming with laughter” and the private affair became public knowledge when she sat down to record her first-ever televised Christmas message in 1957.

According to The Telegraph, she was racked with nerves at the time and froze in front of the cameras.

But once Prince Philip got wind of her nervousness he said to “remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth” which instantly made her smile.

It’s believed that no one else in the room understood the reference, or why it was relevant at the time, but as soon as the Queen heard the words the recording could go ahead.

Prince Philip used to make the Queen and their children – Prince Charles, 71, Princess Anne, 69, Prince Andrew, 60, Prince Edward, 56, – laugh with practical jokesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Nicholas Davies in his book titled Elizabeth II: Behind Palace Doors revealed that the Queen loved practical jokes and that her husband Philip would often joke around with her.

Aside from chasing her down corridors, Nicholas revealed that the Duke once put a dummy snake in her powder box to amuse her.

Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty Magazine, recently told Hello! magazine that Prince Philip is “such an important ingredient in [the Queen’s] success and happiness.”

Adding: “He makes her laugh, he’s got a slightly naughty sense of humour, a sense of the ridiculous that keeps her amused.” 


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