How Does Meghan Markle Maintain Her Hair?


How Does Meghan Markle Maintain Her Hair?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has
been known for her effortless style. She took great care in adhering to modern
royal traditions while bringing her own personal flair to her look. From
her wardrobe to her hair, people have been obsessing over her style for years.

Now, with a new laid-back
California sense of ease, we have all the details on how to get Meghan’s
effortless breezy straight hair.

Though Meghan has been in the
spotlight long before she met Prince Harry, there has been a new public
obsession about her childhood and teen years. The mixed-race former actor is
known for her glossy straight brown hair. However, old photos of the philanthropist
showcase her with naturally curly hair.

However, as an actor on USA’s
hit drama series Suits, straight hair appeared to be easier for her to
style, especially since curly and textured hair can be challenging for
hairstylists who are not used to styling it.


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