What Are Reasons Princess Diana’s Family Did Not Support Prince Harry’s Relationship With Meghan?


What Are Reasons Princess Diana’s Family Did Not Support Prince Harry's Relationship With Meghan?

Meghan Markle and Princess
Diana are often compared. Both women suffered greatly from their time
as senior members of the Royal Family, and both were—to an extent—outsiders.
They were also hounded by the tabloid press.

Since the Sussexes’ marriage,
it has been said that Diana would be “proud” of Meghan, that
both Meghan and Diana couldn’t get what they wanted from the Queen,
that Meghan often behaves like her mother-in-law and is her “perfect

But according to royal
author Tom Bower, Diana’s siblings disagreed with the comparison between the
two women, and—in 2017—even warned Harry against marrying the Suits actress.

“By then, Harry had
introduced Meghan to Diana’s two sisters, Jane and Sarah, and her best friend
Julia Samuel, Harry assumed that Diana’s family and friends would see a similarity
between Diana and his fiancée. Both, he said, shared the same problems.

“He was disappointed. No
one agreed that his vulnerable mother had anything in common with his
girlfriend. More discomforting for him, they thought Meghan would not fit in
with the Royal Family.

“Their unease was voiced
by Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother. At William’s request, Spencer weighed in.
Three times married, Spencer cautioned his nephew to reconsider his haste
towards marriage. His advice provoked a bitter reaction.”

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  1. Diana was not a Narcissist unlike Markle, there is not one similarity I can see. If Diana was here she would have advised Harry to steer well clear, he needs to grow a pair and stop thinking that the whole world owes him a living. In time Markle will discard him like she did her first husband as soon as he is of use use to her. She has no feelings fir znyonevonly herself.

    • Yes but Hazard (Harry) has never exactly been the sharpest knife in the drawer. No doubt she love bombed him at first, then when he was smitten she started destroying his ego.The Royal Family must ask the Queen ( rest her soul ) and it has always baffled she gave her consent. Or did she?

  2. I completely agree that Diana, who was a lovely person and LOVED BY THE WORLD, wouldn't have approved of Harry's marriage to Me-gain!! Me-gain has absolutely NOTHING in common with Diana!! And even though I'm an American, I KNEW Me-gain WOULDN'T fit into the Royal family!! It angers ME that Harry made such an assumption that Me-gain is like his mother! Diana was thoughtful, admired, respectful and confident. She carried herself with class!! Me-gain is NONE of those things and she CRAVES attention!! Me-gain is out for only one person and that is HERSELF and what she can get for HERSELF!! She DOESN'T fit in the Royal family. Me-gain is arrogant and ignorant to even THINK she's on the same level as a Royal.
    Prince William and Kate, now THAT'S Royalty! And God bless the Queen, her patience with Harry and Me-gain was astounding and shows her true elegance!!

    • I agree with each and everyone of you. Especially the part that said Diana had class and was loved by all especially 99% of Americans! And I can tell you this American never ever liked “Me “Gain”! Even on the TV show Suits, she was a whiny little *itch, then and now! (I changed her name and used “gain“ because she is out to “gain” everything she can, suck every person dry and then move onto the next. Sort of like a vampire??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  3. No matter what you think of Megan it is your business but for you to think anybody is above another person is horrible especially being an American . We are all equal . There is no caste system here in America , that is why the fore fathers left England . It is racist the way you talk about her . You do not have to like her to decent. I agree she has some bad qualities but narcissist are made . Her Father made her and now others suffer.

    • All are born to equal opportunity. That is different from being equal. Calling someone equal is like saying it doesn’t matter what kind of person they are, or how they behave, they are equal to all others. Not true.

    • Not all of us. Megan, Amber Heard, trashed so profoundly in the court of social media that neither can ever recover. Donald Trump feared and revered. This country sucks.



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