MEGHAN MCCAIN: Does Spotify Think Meghan’s Podcast is Worth the Price?


MEGHAN MCCAIN: Does Spotify Think Meghan's Podcast is Worth the Price?

Many American media
commentators are afraid to criticize Meghan Markle. They don’t want Sharon
Osbourne. They don’t want to be accused of being racist or sexist and have the
potential to lose their jobs or influence in certain social circles.

If they dare to voice even the
slightest criticism of any actions of the awakened royal family, they know that
they will automatically face the howl of the progressive left.

I assure you, most of us just
don’t care, no matter how hard he or his wife tries.

However, I don’t believe that
listening to one of the most privileged, wealthy, and powerful women on the
planet talking poetically about how hard her life is with other celebrities
will make the average American woman like her.

But that’s not what it is, is
it? In truth, it’s good for Meghan and her friends to talk about how difficult
their lives are.

The only question is: does
Spotify really think this self-flagellation exercise is worth the hefty price
tag they paid for it?


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