Putin ‘Driven to Extremes’ of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ or Admitting Defeat


Putin 'Driven to Extremes' of 'Nuclear Weapons' or Admitting Defeat

In recent weeks, it’s been widely said that Putin will “soon” not even be able to attend meetings, which is why, according to the opposition, the president is torn between accepting the failure of the war or using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

This is because, according to Putin’s opponents, almost 65,000 soldiers, separatist fighters and members of private armies have lost their lives in the war with Ukraine.

In addition, the Daily Mail, thanks to the General SVR Telegram channel, reports that the much-talked-about “body double” technique has been used recently.

However, no details are given of the number of times it is alleged to have been used, nor of the specific occasions on which it has been used.

Finally, the Russian opposition claims that Putin’s continued absences are being accredited by COVID-19, which is merely an excuse to try to divert attention from the Russian president.


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