To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man


Why narcissism do prevails in some men? Could we say it is down to genetic make-up or environments or life rewired them to be that way? Regardless of the ‘what and how’ that surrounds the contributing factors of narcissism, narcissism is toxic. And every narcissistic man is a man with toxic behaviour. To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man

To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man

What then is a narcissistic man? He is a man full of egoism and pride. It is okay to love and place value on yourself, but a narcissistic man would show extreme affection, love and admiration for himself at the detriment of others’ mental health. It is clear and very true that a lover to a narcissistic man would suffer emotionally and mentally. Now and then, she would be deprived of honor and would be cared less for. Women to this type of man don’t enjoy their life as they ought to and their sanity can be taken away from them forever. Two things will happen if a lady stay with her narcissistic man far too long: She will suffer narcissism as a victim for a very long time or become a narcissist too at the end of everything. I believe no lady would like to take chance to experience any of the two.

Every woman in affinity to a narcissistic man would suffer mental torture. A narcissistic man has some toxic behaviours and culture that made him a narcissist. Going from the way he talks, looks and go about with his actions – everything about him is life threatening.

1. Talk to Someone

Many ladies suffer pains in silence. While they can be very outspoken and active in many areas, these ladies are dying emotionally and mentally because of their toxic romantic relationship. No one expect them to be experiencing such because of the flamboyant life they live, we know them to be bold and outspoken, yet they are not saying what is killing them on their inside.

It could be that they are not courageous enough to share their deepest fears because of what the narcissistic lover has said and done to them. It is alright, dear lady. Your narcissistic man must have shaken you up and down for you to be like this. However, never forget that what you are experiencing is a matter of life and death, you should remind yourself that should your heart and life slips away, the narcissistic man would get another woman for himself. For this reason, look around for someone older or a friend you can discuss your situation with.

It is important to tell it to someone. If you are not very sure about people around you, then look around for counsellors, they are there to be your friend and gist partner every time and day. It does not matter what you’ve been through or what you’re going through, counsellors would understand your situation and will be ready to guide you in ways that are most favorable to you.

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