Twin Flame – 6 Signs That Tell You’ve Found Your Soul’s Other Half


2. You Share Similarities

There is a magnetic connection that brings you closer to one another in the name of feelings; you feel what others feel, you think what others think. There are some things you both share together; perhaps you are subjected to the same environment while growing up, some histories you shared despite growing apart.

Beholding them is like looking yourself in the mirror; another version of yourself.

3. You Could Tell

You can recognize that this is your second half; one person will discover the other person first, and this could be you. The smell will be so strong to the point of conviction, you know it but you are fighting it.

You know the energy you feel with the person is what you don’t feel with anybody else, the feelings are earnest and sharp.

4. You Going Back To One Another

Another sure thing you will notice is that you keep going back to each other; you will always find your way back to that person after some breaks that were caused by disagreement, or by natural factors (relocation and sorts). You paths keep crossing with the person regardless of how hard you tried to avoid it. The person will always appear in your life somewhere and sometime regardless of the number of years, they would resurface in your life and you would always meet at every point.

Like your shadow, they are always there but will only appear in crucial moments of your life.

5. Deep Relationship

Both of you have seen some heights and depths together, and this makes the relationship between you cuts and runs deeper. You have seen each other strengths and flaws over time and know one another to the bone, yet the bond feels stronger.

There is a depth and height of communication and feeling you will feel when you are engaged with your twin partner.

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