When Prince Charles Becomes King, Will He Order Diana’s Body to Be Exhumed?


When Prince Charles Becomes King, Will He Order Diana’s Body to Be Exhumed?

We don’t know yet. however, it
was rumored that “Prince William and Harry secretly arranged for the body of…
Princess Diana to be exhumed a second time,” or so supposed palace sources
claim. The princes believe their mother’s death “may have been a
murder ordered by the same people who forced” Meghan Markle “to flee Britain.”

on the other hand, the tabloid
claims Prince Charles is “threatening to withhold a $360,000 yearly
allowance” from his children unless they stop investigating a new investigation.
This implies the Prince of Wales knows something nefarious about his ex-wife’s
death and wants it to remain covered up. 

The tabloid runs through a series of
conspiracy theories around Diana’s death, including the charge that the “old palace
guard wanted Diana terminated because she was more popular than any of the
other royals.” Just embarrassing and horrible stuff all around.

One cannot
privately perform an exhumation in the first place. It requires
applying for a license and just causes, like a coroner’s request for forensic
evidence or a desire to move remains. This means there would be a public record
of the request.

Princess Diana’s gravesite is
extremely well covered by the press, so any attempt to exhume her body would
result in massive press coverage. Prince Harry cannot even visit the
gravesite without it being news, so a full-blown exhumation would be
international news. The coverage of this alleged exhumation is limited to this
one rotten tabloid.


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