3 Ways to Overcome Your Pride Problem


Have you considered your ways to know you are shortcoming in the most crucial part of your life – self-development? As you plan to burn calories in your body, remember to burn some egos that have been limiting your success in one way or the other. sage advice from Socrates that needs to be considered day in day out

We are generally proud, but the pride in us varies at different degree, and yes, it should not go above or beyond a certain degree and level. Talk about self-pride that still contributes largely to our credibility, it manages to keep us against self-pity and the likes. If you feel you have it beyond considerable measure, then you have to acknowledge it is becoming a cancer to your growth and life. Pride in its healthy state nourishes – it informs us self-awareness, self-esteem, but it will malnourish you when you are obsessed with it and it becomes an unreasonable conceit of your lofty self in contempt of others. Then it has becomes a disdainful behaviour; insolence and arrogance of demeanour.

3 Ways to Overcome Your Pride Problem

Little pride mix with self is a good thing to do (it will save your face and stop you from being irresponsible – you will not be where you shouldn’t be). However, full of pride or ego is a dangerous thing to do any day, anytime, and anywhere. You will be hitting the snake where it hurts most. Now that your pride is now a problem, then the next most important thing for you to do is to stifle and beat it down.

1. Admit Your Pride

“Man, know thyself” is a sage advice from Socrates that needs to be considered day in day out. It is very possible that you have a pride problem and still don’t know you have it, thus, it is very important that you know you are suffering from a pride problem to save yourself from woes that come with pride.

If you don’t burn your ego, it will consume you. So, open your eyes to see and acknowledge your bad – don’t stay defensive, you don’t have to defend yourself with beautiful painted words. Be true and say the truth to yourself. It takes humility to do this – to bring yourself on your knees, admit that you are proud then you will be free from pride. I always say to people that you cannot always be right, give room for self-criticism and you will see how better you can become.

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