5 Warning Signs from the Universe That You’re On the Wrong Path


Mother earth looks after her children – including you. You often suffer in life because you ignore her signals to/for you, since you can’t read well the handwriting on your wall. The universe sometimes would whisper to you, but you won’t take note because you are carried away with your day to day activities. 5 Warning Signs from the Universe That You’re On the Wrong Path

5 Warning Signs from the Universe That You’re On the Wrong Path

Sometimes, when the universe signals to you that you are on the wrong path, it does not utterly mean you are travelling towards the wrong direction, it could also mean that you are travelling on the right path in a wrong time which makes it a wrong path technically.

Below are signs that you are on the wrong path

1. No Results

You are unable to know why your efforts go all up in the smoke, despite everything nothing seems working. One thing will always lead to another that will pronounce your project dead. People around you know that you are not the lazy type, and this you also know too well that you are making great efforts but all to no avail. You always have every other things in place, but luck is always missing.

Maybe the good cause you are advocating is not the right cause for you. Not everything that is good will be right for you.

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