Breaking The Cycle of Abandonment


Why abandonment? What has happened when someone leave us and run after another? Most people, if not all have suffered abandonment in different walks of life: Your romantic partner walking away when you least expected; your staff tendering their resignation letter at the most crucial time (when you needed them most); your boss rating others above you and not making ‘the battle of survival’ fair and equal as it ought to be; children forgetting about their parent/relations when they are living well; one of the parent abandoning one child for the other; it could also be that a friend whom you have loved and served with your food and sweats later abandon you when it is well with them. Really! We all have suffered abandonment in one way or the other. While we all have suffered abandonment, not all have overturned the situation around. Breaking The Cycle of Abandonment

Breaking The Cycle of Abandonment

Lest I forgot, I think I also need to add that we might probably have abandoned some people too, leaving them to the hold of abandonment. Perhaps, we are not saints either. Maybe abandoning is what we can’t help. Maybe it is one of the evils we have to live with. At the end of it all, it could be that we are all looking out for ourselves.

While rejection will happen, we should know how to float above rejection – it is very important. There is a slang, though funny but it is relative: “Soldier go soldier come, barrack remains forever.” On a light note, your barrack should remain come what may. Sometimes, we can keep people in our lives by our efforts, sometimes, we can’t help it if they want to leave – we can’t actually stop them. They have earned the right to move anytime they feel like, it does not matter if it is for the good or bad reason.

While rejection, desertion will always take place, it is vital for the sake of your mental, emotional and social credibility that you know how to break the cycle of abandonment lest you suffer from it now and then.

You Can Break The Cycle of Abandonment By Doing The Following:

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