Breaking The Cycle of Abandonment


1. Personal Growth

Learn today that there are some things you can’t stop happening, you can’t really influence them directly, meanwhile, you can influence them indirectly. Your growth is not a joke to anybody, so it should not be a joke to you. Working on yourself from time to time would always make you ‘hot demand’ to people around you. Do things better, speak better, think better and act better.

You are doing this to pose (set) a challenge to yourself. The reason for your growth is to let people be shocked when they realized that you are no longer where they thought you were. You will develop greatly and people will find less reason to walk away from you, if they need reasons to do so. Though some people don’t reasons for them to walk away. There is always something you could do better – please don’t hesitate to do it.

2. Expect Less

Having high hopes on people can be frustrating and can also be a foolish thing to do. Expecting less should be your level of expectations for people. It helps you to find answers before questions comes, it helps you to see things coming before they actually come, it helps you to find a nearby route (alternative) before you hit a roadblock on the existing pathway. And more importantly, it helps you to move on quickly from remains of abandonment that may want to overshadow you.

Human will always err; they will always come short and will always find reasons for their disappointments.

3. Use Absence

Go hiding all by yourself before people send you into hiding. Learn how to take some time off people and disappear. You are abandoned because the person has enough of you already. No, don’t let them have you in excess. Temporary withdrawal will do the magic of breaking the cycle of abandonment.

The more you are seen and heard from, the more your value go down. The less you are seen and heard from, the more your value rise – when this happen, you will be more admired. It rings a bell to them that you don’t really need them like they think you do. Know when to withdraw temporarily from them to save yourself from them withdrawing from you permanently.

4. Be Independent

The art of gaining independence will automatically teach you how to keep people dependent on you even if you don’t mean it. You would break the cycle of abandonment if you enjoy independence and at the same time keep people dependent on you.

Being independent means you are useful to yourself, and to others. People will depend on you for a whole lot of things and they would find it hard to abandon you when they can do absolute nothing without you. Be wanted and people will always be around you. This is what you do intentionally, life is best lived intentionally and this is the only way to make life worth living. Gaining independence makes you to be valuable to yourself and to people around you. While you do this, place value on yourself in a friendly way.

Breaking The Cycle of Abandonment

5. Position Yourself Strategically

Position yourself where people will easily notice you, be in the crowd but position yourself strategically in a way that you will not get lost in the crowd or buried in oblivion. Stand out and bring yourself to their attention at all cost but in an effortless manner. Add colors to yourself, add life to yourself, appear larger and brighter. After all, everything is judged by its appearance, even people – seeing is believing, we say.


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