Knowing this will foster what you share with others by trusting them more and giving them benefit of doubts. It is okay if you don’t get it right, everyone are like this at some time. There will be days you will get your calculation wrong.

2. Things Will Not Always Go As Planned

Not all things that are promising eventually live up to their billing, including your plans and ideas. There are ideas and plans on paper that sometimes have a different figure in reality. There are days when your best will never be enough – there are days you will come short even after you must have done everything you could.

Life would always come with surprises where you least expect it. Things will spruce up against your wishes and knowledge. Acquainting yourself with this bitter truth will help you to see things coming before they arrive.

3. You Will Soon Be Rewarded

It is wisdom to learn that what you are doing now will yield increase and profit if you don’t relent. As long as there is a working day, there is a paying day. The work you are doing might be taking too much from you at the beginning, but always remember that the reward that will also come eventually in a ‘too much’ system if you don’t give up.

Law of karma is real: It reminds you that every efforts of yours count no matter how insignificant they may be. Each time you are reminded of this truth, you will be conscious to always do what is good and right even when it is not convenient.

4. Time And Chance Affects All

One of the brutal truths to learn is that law of time governs human and their actions – it governs life. There is a right time to make things happen…there is a time things will come your way. There is a golden time to strike, should you miss out on such golden time, then you will be red faced at what will happen afterward.

The system of acceleration, brake (and handbrake) are all entities that could be narrowed down to ‘time and chance’. You don’t step on accelerator all day; also you don’t step on brake always. The best time for you to be patient is the right time to keep your cool even when there are human reasons to rush on. No one can actually run against time.

No one will get to harvest if they miss out on sowing time. Also know that you don’t harvest immediately you sow – you have to give it time. Also, if you delay your harvest when your fruits are ripe, then offers and rewards that belong to you might be given to someone else. Know when to step in, when to stand-in and when to step out. Know how time works; know the seasons of your actions and plans; know your onions and more importantly, make yourself ready and available for time and chance.

5. Humans Are Tools Of Disappointments


Expect people to go back on their words; people you least expected will disappoint you when you least expect or deserve it. Endearing with this truth will stimulate your thoughts and actions to have back-up plan. It will equip you to know what to do when disappointment happens, it helps to see things coming before it arrives.

Knowing that humans are tools of disappointment including you will help your social relationship flourish, not that it will affect your commitment to others or you will stop trusting them. It will rather help you to accept and tolerate them just as they are, also to forgive them as quickly as you could. You would disappoint others too, so you deserves forgiveness and perhaps a second chance.


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