Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Leave The UK To Return To Children After Queen’s Funeral


Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Leave The UK To Return To Children After Queen's Funeral

The couple flew out of London
Heathrow on Tuesday. As previously reported, the pair arrived on British
soil on the morning of Saturday, 3 September for what was due to be a short
trip to visit several charities. After 17 days away from home, Harry and Meghan
will have been very eager to get back to their two children, Archie, 3, and

Harry and Meghan’s extended
stay saw them reunite with several members of the royal family, including the
new Prince and Princess of Wales.

The royal couples surprised
mourners when they both arrived at Windsor Castle on 10 September in order to
view tributes that had been left by members of the public. William personally
extended an invite to the Sussexes last minute for the families to do the
event together.

The Duke also took part in a
vigil for his grandmother, when he and the Queen’s other grandchildren stood
guard over her coffin as it lay in rest at Westminster Abbey.

King Charles permitted
Harry to wear his military uniform for the solemn event, but he was in civilian
dress for the funeral.

Harry also had a touching
moment with his niece, Princess Charlotte, during the ceremony as they
both sat in Westminster Abbey.


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