King Charles Iii To Pick This Very Poignant Date For His Coronation


King Charles Iii To Pick This Very Poignant Date For His Coronation

The new monarch has headed to
Scotland with his wife, the Queen Consort, to escape the spotlight and
privately grieve for his ‘beloved mama’.

Thoughts amongst the public
are now turning to the King’s coronation and when it will take place.

Perhaps surprisingly, it will
be some time until the big day. Charles’ mother Elizabeth II took the throne in
February 1952 but her coronation was in June 1953, over a year later, so we
could expect the same for our new King.

While it might be some time
away, tradition dictates that a proclamation will be made to confirm the date,
sooner rather than later.

And it could be that the King
chooses an especially poignant day for his own ceremony.

Charles could opt for 2 June –
which would also mark the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

Britain has not celebrated a
coronation for 69 years. When King George VI passed away on 6 February 1952,
his daughter’s coronation at Westminster Abbey was not held for another 17
months, on 2 June 1953.

The ceremony will be held at
the Abbey – as it has for the past 1,000 years. Every sovereign since William
the Conqueror in 1066 has had their coronation at the historic venue.

During the ceremony, Charles
will take the coronation oath where he will be anointed with oils and be given
the orb and scepter.

He will then receive St
Edward’s Crown, which was made in 1661 and once belonged to Edward the
Confessor. It is remarkably heavy, made of solid gold, and currently resides in
the Crown Jewels collection at the Tower of London. The Archbishop of
Canterbury will be given the honour of placing the crown on the King’s head.


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