Filmmaker Who Met Shamima Begum Claims She is ‘Playing the Victim’


Filmmaker Who Met Shamima Begum Claims She is 'Playing the Victim'

A British filmmaker who has met and interviewed ISIS bride Shamima Begum numerous times said that he first felt sorry for her, but now believes she is ‘playing the victim card in an attempt to get back to the UK’.

‘Adventure tourist’ Andrew Drury, who used WhatsApp to speak to the 23-year-old before numerous visits, said that he is convinced the ISIS bride is ‘bitter and twisted’.

He has traveled to Syria’s Al-Roj camp to speak to Begum multiple times after she left the UK in 2015 with two school friends.

Mr. Drury has now said that he sees her as manipulative, after she criticized the war in Ukraine for shifting the focus from her plight, said she no longer feels sad about the death of her children, and repeatedly asked for Western clothes.

Filmmaker Who Met Shamima Begum Claims She is 'Playing the Victim'

At 15 years old, Begum, who was born in East London, left school in Bethnal Green for Syria in 2015. Ten days after arriving, she was married to convicted terrorist Yago Riedijk. 

There she gave birth to three children, all of whom died young. Her youngest child died in the prison camp in Syria’s northeast in 2019. 

In July, the British filmmaker called for Britain to ‘bring home’ the families of ISIS fighters who are being held in Syrian camps because they are ‘our problem’.

He said that he felt ‘sorry’ for Begum and had formed a close relationship with other foreign jihadi brides at the Syrian camp.

Filmmaker Who Met Shamima Begum Claims She is 'Playing the Victim'

Mr. Drury said at the time that the UK has a responsibility to bring British jihadi brides like Begum and their children ‘back home’ because it was not fair to leave them ‘to be a danger to the Syrians and the Kurds’ who have ‘enough danger to deal with already’. 



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