King Charles ‘Snipped Prince Harry’s Balls’ In ‘Brutal Message’ At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral


King Charles ‘Snipped Prince Harry’s Balls’ In ‘Brutal Message’ At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

King Charles has subtly told
Prince Harry that the royal family will not forget him.

The Duke of Sussex, who was
not permitted to wear a military uniform at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. He
is taught that he will pay for his previous actions.

“The King’s ban on Harry
wearing his military uniform at Her Majesty’s funeral was a missile from the
Royal Family”. Royal expert Eric Schiffer tells the Daily Star. “It made it
clear that Harry’s stature and relationship with the Royal Family are still in
the muck.”

“The King sent a brutal
message to Harry and Meghan that the excruciating pain they caused him and his
mother would not be forgotten.”

“While the King did not
require Harry to wear a royal-colored straightjacket, the absence of military
attire was a public snipping of Harry’s royal testicles.”

In response, a spokesperson
for Harry stated, “[Harry] will wear a morning suit throughout events honouring
his grandmother.”

“His decade of military
service is not determined by the uniform he wears, and we respectfully request
that the focus remains on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s life and legacy.”



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  1. IMO: This hated towards Harry and Meghan just goes to show that people are really good at talking a “good game” about moving on from arcane practices of the Royals or any kind of leadership, but as soon a someone has the balls to do so they villifiy them in the most grotesque way. They did the same thing to Princess Diana when she bucked the system.
    Also iit shows the absolute hypocrisy of the monarch. Charles was allowed to have an ‘open” affair while with Diana. Then he was allowed to bring his mistress into the castle and that’s after she was a know adulteress and Charles was just glorified by the monarch when it was brought up. And was still allowed to be King….
    It’s ridiculous.
    There is no reason why Harry and Meghan should be shunned and treated so horribly. I believe if Diana was here, she would be standing by their side in support.

  2. Everyone needs to say sorry but I doubt that will ever happen with the Sussexes over in America, they should have stayed in England and sorted it all out. Meghan Markle was a minor star in Hollywood and thought that being a Princess here would give her power and adoration but she went about that in the totally wrong way, the public really, really loved her then hated her when she took Harry away to America. Please don’t ever put Ms Markle in the same sentence as Diana, she was The People’s Princess and is still adored to this day by those who remember her.



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