Lady Louise Windsor Performs Rare Curtsy In Moving Moment


Lady Louise Windsor Performs Rare Curtsy In Moving Moment

The young royal took the move
as a mark of respect to the late monarch, as her body was laid in state at
Westminster Hall, where it will remain until the state funeral on 19 September.
Lady Louise stood alongside her younger brother, James, Viscount Severn,
who similarly bowed his head in respect for Her Majesty.

Other royal ladies also
curtsied to pay their respects, including the new Princess of Wales. Kate
showed her respect for the late Queen as she subtly bobbed down into a low

Royal ladies normally curtsy
and bow their heads in public if they’re seeing the sovereign for the first
time that day. For men, the greeting is normally a neck bow.

The Duchess of Sussex also
performed a curtsy as she paid her respects alongside her husband, Prince

Lady Louise is not often seen
performing curtsies. However, she was caught on camera performing a curtsy
during the service of remembrance for her late grandfather, Prince Philip, in

As the Queen neared them,
while being led to her seat by Prince Andrew, both Louise and her mother, the
Countess of Wessex curtsied. Meanwhile, James and Prince Edward bowed their

The procession was the first
time that James had been seen in public following the passing of the monarch,
which is likely because of his young age.

Lady Louise rushed to Balmoral
following the news of the Queen’s passing, as she was nearby having recently
begun studying at St Andrew’s University.

While there, she reunited with
her mother and looked upset as she viewed floral tributes that had been left
for her late grandmother outside the Scottish residence.


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