Meghan Markle Showed Respect For Queen Elizabeth II In This Traditional Way


Meghan Markle Showed Respect For Queen Elizabeth II In This Traditional Way

Meghan Markle and Princess
Kate both curtseyed as they passed the coffin, with Meghan performing a
deep curtsy – one of her last ones for her grandmother-in-law. Royal ladies
normally curtsy if they’re seeing the monarch for the first time that day, and
men’s greeting is normally a neck bow.

Prior to her curtsy, the
Duchess was holding hands with her husband Prince Harry, though they
unclasped as Meghan showed her respect to the late monarch.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke
previously about the moment she met the Queen for the first time
during her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Recalling the moment,
she met the monarch for the first time at The Royal Lodge in Windsor,
Meghan shared her surprise when she learned she had to quickly perfect the art
of curtsying.

Meghan Markle performed a deep curtsy

Meghan Markle performed a deep curtsy

“Right in front of the
house we practiced and ran in,” she recalled. “Fergie ran out
and said, ‘Do you know how to curtsy?’ Apparently, I did a very deep curtsy, I
don’t remember it, and then we sat there, and we chatted.”

While that particular meeting
was private, cameras caught the moment Meghan curtsied to the Queen for the
first time in public during her first Christmas with the royal family in
December 2017.

Since then she has curtsied
for Her Majesty many times, with today’s being one of the most poignant.


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