Meghan Markle Tries ‘Bizarre’ Approach to Cash in on Princess Diana’s Death Anniversary


Meghan Markle Tries ‘Bizarre’ Approach to Cash in on Princess Diana’s Death Anniversary

Meghan Markle is trying hard
to remind people of Princess Diana with her looks. 

The Duchess of Sussex is
accused ‘trying’ to cash in Diana’s fame for her ongoing podcast, thereby
hurting her husband Prince Harry ahead of his mother’s 25th death anniversary.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield
speaks on GB News: “I do wonder if there’s a strategy behind it where it’s
the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death she’s going to be on magazine
covers, so let’s get Meghan on magazine covers so that people compare the

She said: “Also, I don’t
know if you saw the picture on the cover of The Cut, it looks exactly like a
picture that Princess Diana took in a black turtleneck,” adding: “It
is bizarre, and we’ve seen her on multiple occasions try to dress like Princess
Diana. It is bizarre.

“Does Prince Harry not look at
her and say ‘that looks an awful lot like something my mother would wear?’”

She added: “It’s devastating
and Prince Harry should be remembering his mother and should be connecting with
his brother in the next few hours.”


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