Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Show They’re Normal Parents’


Prince William and Kate Middleton's Show They're Normal Parents'

There’s nothing we love more
than seeing the sweet moments shared between the Cambridge family.

From Prince George poking his
tongue out at royal engagements, Princess Charlotte following suit and pulling
faces, or Prince Louis covering his mother’s, Kate Middleton, mouth to
stop her from telling him off or putting his hands over his ears at the Fly

Among those moments we can’t
help but smile at, are sincere bonding moments, such as when Princess Charlotte
and Prince George look at their parents for support or comfort at
royal engagements for reassurance.

These snippets are said to be
signs Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William, both 40, are “normal parents”,
claims body language expert, and the couple are in tune with their children.

Speaking to Femail, Judi
James said: “George, Charlotte and Louis are not only allowed to be playful,
fun, spontaneous and even cheeky in public, but they are also actively encouraged by
their mum and dad, who often look at their most proud and most doting when they
are doing so.”

Judi has acknowledged the Duke
and Duchess of Cambridge’s parenting was inevitably going to be “unique”
raising the future King or Queen of England, and members of the royal family
who will be in the spotlight, but they still allow their children the freedom
to have fun, and enjoy playful moments in their childhood.

The expert continued: “William
and Kate’s parenting duties were always going to be unique as they’re inducting
a prince, princess and future king into the rules, traditions and formalities
of the royal family as well as allowing three small children to have as much
fun and freedom as possible as they do so.

“What we have been seeing
during their most recent public outings is how well they are managing the
‘normal’ aspect of their parenting, making them look like many other families
taking their kids on a day out.

“Their techniques seem to
involve remaining totally tuned into their children, while not appearing to
fuss or show signals of anxiety that might be natural given the profile of the
events they have been attending.”

Judi also believes Kate and
William are taking note of their children’s playful actions.

She added: “[Kate and William]
are gradually allowing their own behaviour to be led by their children. Kate
will still show expressions of firmness at times but both she and William were
mirroring Charlotte at the Games.

“Kate’s facial expressions
looked far more animated than usual to fit in with her daughter, while William
was providing a complementary state of playful mock shock as Charlotte did her
emphatic ‘thumbs up’ ritual.

“All three then came together
in some sweetly mirrored poses that showed how like-minded and evenly-bonded
they are as a family group.”


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