Things Therapists Know About Narcissists That You Need To Know


Therapists know a great deal about narcissism because they have seen and dealt with worst narcissist cases over the years. Ranging from the history of narcissist and narcissism to the behaviours that all narcissists have in common to the challenge they pose, down to the tricks on their sleeves. Things Therapists Know About Narcissists That You Need To Know

It is important you put yourself in the ‘know’ and learn the eventualities that surround narcissist and their ways. Knowing some features that surround them will help your relations with them.

Below Are Things About Therapists That You Need To Know:

1. Narcissists Are Obsessive

Obsession is one of the weapons they use to gain territory towards advancement. They select and choose their victim carefully and then become obsessed in them. But they have mastered the dark art to make their victims appeared to be dependent on them when they are actually the one that is dependent on their victim.

They depend on their victim to feed their ego and meet their needs from time to time. If the victim is not coming around, they know the bait to throw to lure them that they may come around them. One of the realities that surround narcissism is that narcissist needs their victim more than the victim need them. They are really obsessed in their victim because they know they will be hit too hard if their victim go away from them.

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