Why Do Soldiers Wear Boots?


Why Do Soldiers Wear Boots?

One important distinction we
would like to clarify before jumping into why soldiers wear boots is that
soldiers typically wear boots that are AR 670-1 compliant. This means that
soldiers are not allowed to bring any boots they’d like; the boots they choose
to bring with them must comply with AR 670-1 uniform regulations.

Protect Soldiers from Injuries

Soldiers are often rucking in
unknown terrains and may be exposed to many foot injuries while on the move.
Not only that, but military personnel often work around heavy machinery and
equipment which may leave their feet at risk of injury should anything go wrong
or if some object falls on their foot.

That’s why many companies that
produce military boots often keep that in mind and have developed different
military boots to physically protect soldiers’ feet when in combat or when
rucking. Here are some examples of features that are designed to protect a
soldier from injury.


Soldiers wear boots, military
AR 670-1 compliant boot to be specific because they are packed with comfort
features. Remember that soldiers are typically rucking for hours and have tons
of gear to carry. Not to mention that tactical operations are intense and
require a lot of physical effort.

Therefore, the more
comfortable the shoes are, the more tolerable the mission is for the soldier.


One of the main reasons why
soldiers wear boots is because of their durability. Soldiers are rucking or
traveling in various environments and terrains, so their gear needs to be in
top shape.


Rucking and operating in boots
that are not breathability is an unbearable experience. This can become a major
problem for soldiers as prolonged use of fully enclosed boots and sweaty feet
is the perfect recipe for the development of blisters and other rucking

for Different Climates

Troops are typically deployed
to different countries where the climate is either hot, cold, or wet. Each
climate requires a soldier to have a different boot for each climate, for
example, being deployed to a hot country like Kuwait will require soldiers to
wear boots that are focused on breathability, like the Altama Foxhound SR 8


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