Why Is Prince William Going Bald But Prince Harry As A Nice Head Of Red Hair?


Why Is Prince William Going Bald But Prince Harry As A Nice Head Of Red Hair?

Adults have about 120,000
hairs on their heads and although redheads apparently have fewer, Prince William
is clearly outperforming Prince Harry on the balding front. In a recent
interview, the two Princes joked about each other’s hair problems.

“I think he’s definitely got
more brains than me, I think we established that from school… and his baldness,”
Harry quipped.

The youngest Prince is
not short of a hair follicle but it would seem his unique colour is worth a
jibe, as William retorted:

“It’s pretty rich coming from
a ginger.”

If anyone could highlight the
negatives of being part of a minority or the majority, it’s Princes William and

While William is part of a long line of royals inflicted with the bald
gene, Harry’s thick-set, red mane is uncharacteristic of the Windsor family and
actually gave rise to speculation that he wasn’t Charles’s son.

As much as 80% of men will
eventually experience hair loss but at 24, Harry is doing well to
maintain his crop. 

His brother William started balding at age 20 but we can’t
be too sure just yet that Harry won’t experience thinning hair. Prince
Charles didn’t start balding until he was 28, but then again, hair loss can
skip generations so Harry could be in the clear.

Although hair loss
treatments haven’t been a major priority for past royals, it was rumoured
that Prince William had started using them. 

The treatments work in a few
different ways, by tackling the very root cause of male pattern baldness and by
stimulating blood flow, allowing the deliverance of essential nutrients to the
hair follicles. Clinically proven hair loss treatments do have good success
rates individually but there are ways one can personally improve the
outcome and get better results.



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