Meghan Markle Was Given Flowers By The Public To Place By The Gates


Meghan Markle Was Given Flowers By The Public To Place By The Gates

On Saturday afternoon, just
two days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Meghan joined her husband
Prince Harry and the newly-appointed Prince and Princess of Wales to greet
well-wishers lining the streets outside of Windsor Castle.

A video clip has emerged
showing the 41-year-old collecting flowers from the well-wishers and, then,
being approached by one royal aide who wanted to take the growing number of
flower tributes from her.

Meghan gestured to the royal
aide that she wanted to place them at the gates herself, before politely
thanking them.

She was then approached by a
second aide, to whom she did hand over the flowers. The mother-of-two was
spotted, along with Harry, making her way along the gates.

Meghan Markle Was Given Flowers By The Public To Place By The Gates

She was spotted chatting to
the crowd and thanking them, on behalf of the family, for their good wishes. The
Duchess was also seen hugging some of the mourners who were waiting.

Following the exchange, royal
fans speculated that Meghan may have not known that the aides wanting to take
the flowers, was for her own safety.

They noted that the flowers
could contain harmful substances or explosives, meaning the royals should not
carry them.


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