Baker who refused to bake cake for a lesbian wedding wins court case

Baker who refused to bake cake for a lesbian wedding wins court case

A baker who refused to bake cake for a lesbian wedding has won the court case. The baker, Cathy Miller, who owns the bakery Tastries Bakery, California refused to bake the cake said she did so because of her Christian faith and beliefs. She was cued and taken to court and has successfully won the landmark court case.

In 2017, Cathy was approached by a lesbian couple Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio to bake a cake for their wedding slated to take place later that year. She turned down the offer and gave them the name of another bakery, but it was not enough to assuage the couple from filing a law suit against Cathy for discrimination.

After five years, the ruling was in Cathy’s favour as the judge ruled that she acted lawfully, thus ending the five-year problem. After the verdict, Cathy took to her Facebook page to show her appreciation to everyone who stood by her. Her supporters have gone on to rejoice at the verdict, calling it a victory that guarantees the freedom of religion, expression and right to petition.

During the trial, Cathy was questioned on her beliefs and whether she showed the same treatment to other people like divorcees or people who eat shellfish as it was against the bible. The law firm has gone on to criticize these questions that were directed at Cathy.

With the final verdict, the general public is split on their views and take on the matter. While some are happy with the results, some others are not very happy with the news as they felt Cathy was hypocritical and judgemental. Nonetheless, the couple are said to getting ready to file for an appeal.

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