Have there been any instances where President Obama acted unpresidentially


President Obama has been caught up in an –so to say–unpresidential act.

Below is the image of a grown adult sitting on the floor in a suit. He’s not just sitting on the floor anywhere, he’s sitting on the floor in the Oval Office, a place where daily business has a huge impact on both the United States and the world.

While he is playing with a baby in an elephant outfit, it is really an unpresidential act in a presidential ‘state’ and location.

But while it can be dubbed “unpresidential,” it is also an explicit display of what many people will consider humility, understanding, and humanity.

He related to his guest as a man, since the child could not handle being dealt with and/or spoken to in a ‘presidential’ manner.

Even though the President was fully aware that a photographer was present, he was completely comfortable to spending short and quality time with a baby.

The image pictures a moment in time- where a president remembered that he is also a man, and a father.

Many people would interprete this photo to mean the President is saying:

“My job is to provide for your future, but I can afford a few minutes to appreciate you, in this present moment, so I’ll always remember that caring, plain, simple caring, is how I can really do my job.”

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