How Did Angelina Jolie Hurt Jennifer Aniston

How Did Angelina Jolie Hurt Jennifer Aniston

The Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie love triangle will always be one of the juiciest scandals in Hollywood history. While initially, Brad and Jennifer were touted as the American Sweethearts, Mr. & Mrs. Smith changed their lives completely.

The couple eventually divorced in 2005 with Brangelina taking over the world. In April 2005, the paparazzi had a field day as the couple’s first-ever pictures surfaced from their Kenya trip along with their son Maddox Jolie-Pitt. The trio looked like a happy family which definitely shook the world and even Jennifer Aniston to the core.

In an explosive tell-all interview with Vanity Fair in 2006, Jennifer spoke with utmost honesty over how truly “shocked” she was to see the picture of Brangelina frolicking on the beach with Maddox in Africa. “I would be a robot if I said I didn’t feel moments of anger, of hurt, of embarrassment,” Aniston confessed.

Moreover, the 51-year-old actress shared that the pictures weren’t the highlights of her year. “Who would deal with that and say, ‘Isn’t that sweet! That looks like fun!’? But shit happens. You joke and say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.'”

Talking about how she had earned a “superpower shield,” Jennifer also spoke about what went wrong in her marriage with Brad. “I don’t think anybody in a marriage gets to a point where they feel like ‘We’ve got it!’ You’re two people continually evolving, and there will be times when those changes clash.

There are all these levels of growth—and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen,” Aniston revealed to Vanity Fair.

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