The Hope Experiment: What are some of the creepiest experiments ever done in human history


You have to read this, and as well pass across (share) to be a breather of hope to someone, somewhere. It would be your another token for mankind.

This experiment practically teaches and instill hope. It is an experiment that will greatly add to you, and one, you will never forget.

Dr. Curt Richard put a rat in a water bucket, left it to drown. Rats, though are a good swimmer, but cannot swim forever in the bucket, as it was impossible for the mouse to jump out of the bucket. The scientist, Dr. Richard timed their ability to keep from drowning, and on average, rats gave up their effort and drowned in 15 minutes.

– Fig.1 Drowning rats

In a follow-up experiment, the scientist left a rat in the bucket, hopeless and was about to give up and succumb to death, but just in time, the scientist rescued the rat and brought him on land and let it rest for a while.

– Fig.2 The rescued rat

The same rat was then put back in the bucket with water and now the scientist wanted to see how long will it last.

Will you try take few seconds out and guess the time you think the rat could have swam?

The time was 60 hours – big sixty hours! The experiment was one that showed the power of hope! Hope of getting rescued! It is really a creepy and hope-y experiment.

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