2 male humpback whales CAUGHT HAVING sex, first ones caught on camera


Two humpback whales got caught on-camera engaging in some very adult activities, the first photos of their kind featuring the species and it turns out both the whales were dudes!

Here’s The Deal!

A just-published study in Marine Mammal Science features pics documenting a sexual encounter between a pair of humpback whales off the coast of Hawaii, reportedly the first photographs of two humpbacks ever having penetrative sex. History!

After further examination, the photographers who took the pics — which the journal says were taken back in 2022 — found out they’d actually captured two male whales going at it. Checking another first off the list in one fell swoop.

What Researchers Are Saying About The Act

As it turns out, this attempted banging might not have been romantic in nature at all ’cause researchers are saying the receiving whale was either sick or injured, and it seems the other whale came along and penetrated him as a show of force — using his fins to keep him from running off.

The scientists say they’re not sure if the top whale was mistakenly trying to knock him up or just establishing dominance.

As it is

The researchers admit this same-sex session could theoretically go down with two healthy whales, but that just hasn’t been documented yet.

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It’s super rare to see a humpback whale penis ’cause it’s usually sheathed, so this photo’s really got everything going for it.

The last attempted humpback whale sex sesh was photographed in ’98 and that one, too, was male on male — albeit, dead vs. alive.

In that instance, a male whale tried having sex with a separate dead male whale — not exactly a match made in heaven. It also doesn’t sound like that one was caught on camera.

Anyway, this recent encounter reportedly lasted 30 minutes — a very respectable time, if we do say so ourselves — and occurred just about 15 feet below the ocean’s surface.

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