The Kellogg’s experiment: One of the creepiest experiments ever done in human history


Two psychologists, Luella and Winthrop Kellogg gave birth to a Son they called Donald. They decided to raise their child with a chimpanzee called Gua, in an experiment to determine the effect of the environment on the development of chimpanzees and the possibility of humanizing the chimp.

– Image representation

This experiment was started when Gua was 7 months and Donald, 10 months old. They were raised like siblings, they ate the same time, wore the same cloth, had the same toys, and slept the same place.

– Figure 2: Donald and Gua upbringing record

As the experiment progressed, Donald started copying Gua, making the sounds of a Chimp and also walked like one. Gradually he was becoming a feral child. This prompted the termination of the experiment as they had expected Gua to imitate Donald, not the opposite.The experiment had a long-lasting effect on Donald who killed himself at the age of 43. While Gua died a year after she was separated from Donald.

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