Why did Moscow just make surrendering or refusing to fight a crime punishable by ten years in prison


Now, Russia has toughened penalties for voluntary surrender and refusal to fight with up to 10 years imprisonment, and replaced its top logistics general after a series of setbacks to its seven-month war in Ukraine. The tough new amendments and personnel change come days after Russia instigated partial mobilization with Kyiv taking back more and more territory in a counter-offensive.

Putin stiffens punishments days after announcing huge reservist call-up, sparking rare public protests by his countrymen. More than 700 people were detained in protests on at a go against the partial mobilization, according to independent monitoring group OVD-Info.

– Police officers arresting a man in Saint Petersburg for refusing to fight and calling for protest against the Russian government

Military-age men have sought to leave, with flights full and neighboring countries receiving an influx of Russians, including Georgia where 2,300 private vehicles were waiting to enter at one crossing as said by the regional Russian authorities. People are fleeing to Istanbul to preserve their lives since Russian government are in need of man power like never before.The Russian government states up to 10 years imprisonment for as many people who are reluctant to go to war – military age men.

Moscow, according to military analysts in the West, has a problem. It might send hastily assembled troops to the front lines to overcome the losses, but this would probably have little impact on the war’s progress.Since Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to conscript his countrymen fit to fight a war, there has been mass surrenders and arms laying from the conscripted Russian soldiers.

Or Putin may postpone sending in better trained and equipped troops until the following year when they might make a difference on the battlefield. However, Ukrainian forces could have made substantial additional gains by that point. A video doing rounds on social media shows a group of Ukrainian soldiers stationed along a short section of a dirt road in the Kherson Oblast region. Soon, a Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) approaches the group while bearing a distinctive white cloth tied to its turret, signifying the surrender.

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