Village puts up ”brides and grooms not welcome” signs after they got fed up with weddings

Village puts up ''brides and grooms not welcome'' signs after they got fed up with weddings

A village in Oxnead has put up a sign that says ”brides and grooms not welcome in Oxnead” after they got fed up by the numerous weddings that happens in the area and its effects on them.

The residents of Oxnead claim that wedding guests end up ruining their gardens by peeing in them, and keeping them awake most of the night with the loud music they play.

Besides all these, they are frequently disturbed by numerous guests trooping in and out of their neighborhood.

flashing headlights from their cars into homes even when it is late at night.

Because of these reasons, the residents of the area have put up a sign that says brides and grooms are not welcome into their area for weddings.

They have also put up other signs that show they have had enough of weddings.

Some of these signs also say ” No more weddings, we’ve had enough” and one says ”Exclusive? More than 100 weddings this year”.

Residents have complained that despite weddings disrupting their normal lives and bringing unwanted attention to their lives, the invited wedding guests end up wandering around people’s homes and relieving themselves in the gardens.

This is the major reason why residents have launched a campaign against future brides and grooms.

Residents also claimed to have tried to challenge the permission granted to people to hold weddings every time, but so far, they have had very little success.

We hope these signs prove to be effective and help residents of Oxnead live and enjoy their quiet life.

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