Which actress regrets her love scene in a movie and why?

Which actress regrets her love scene in a movie and why?

Romantic movies are an all time favourite for several individuals. It is one of the most popular genres of movies, and some actors and actresses have been pigeonholed into playing romantic movies for long. With romantic movies, you can expect things like kissing and other forms of affection including sexual scenes.

While we enjoy watching some of these movies, you may be surprised to find out that some actresses regretted some of the roles that played in one movie or another. How did we know this? Such actresses came out themselves to say that they regretted filming some scenes and they stated the reason why they felt that way.

Contrary to what people may think, not all actors and actresses love the movies they play or the scenes they shoot. Some may love the movie, but may regret a particular scene, while some others may hate the entire movie altogether. For example, do you know that in the movie The Notebook, the actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams hated each other in real life and did not get along together. Ironically, they ended up dating after the movie was released.

Nonetheless, some actresses that regretted filming a love scene include Jennifer Lawrence from Passengers movie. One scene she confessed to hating was the passionate scene between her character and co-star Chris Pratt. According to her, she felt uncomfortable shooting the scene because it was her first time shotting a love scene with a married man. The whole situation did not make her feel better as she was mildly blamed after Chriss ended up separating from his wife two years later.

Another actress that regretted a love scene is Kate Winslet from the all time favorite and classic, Titanic. In one of the movie scenes, Kate had to go nude for Leonardio’s character to draw. Years later, Kate has said she regretted filming the scene because she was still very young and had a long way to go.

While many fans could not care less whether or not actresses felt uncomfortable filming scenes, it is worthy to note that some of the roles actresses regretted filming were the reasons why most of the movies ended up the way they did.

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